Cheddar Reservoir Two
A new source of water for Somerset
Welcome to Bristol Water's Cheddar Reservoir Two website, providing you with all the most up to date information on our plans for a new reservoir.
Cheddar reservoir

Plans for a New Reservoir in Cheddar

In order to meet the future need for water, we want to build a second reservoir locally, called Cheddar Reservoir Two.

Indicative aerial image of proposed new site to the south of existing reservoir

Having undertaken initial investigations, we designed a scheme and developed a planning application that was submitted to Sedgemoor District Council in December 2013.

We understand the importance of this scheme in relation to the local community and environment. From the start, we have been fully committed to working with local residents and key stakeholders to deliver the best possible scheme for the local area as set out in our ‘Vision Statement’. A key part of the planning process was an extensive consultation with the community that helped shape the plans before they were finalised.

The application has been submitted to Sedgemoor District Council. All the documents are available to view on the Council website: The application number is 17/13/0080.

Cheddar Reservoir Two Flythrough

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It maintains 6,650km of local water mains and operates 16 treatment works to provide water of the highest standard, which is stored in 140 covered reservoirs.

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Latest News

Update – CMA have published a summary of their Final Determination

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has published a summary of their Final Determination for Bristol Water. This sets allowed levels of total expenditure and investment the company can make between 2015-2020.

The scope of investment has been reduced so Bristol Water is now unable to build some of their proposed schemes, this includes Cheddar Reservoir 2 (CR2). The CMA agreed with Ofwat that the case for beginning construction of the new reservoir had not been sufficiently made for this price review period.

Luis Garcia, CEO of Bristol Water, said: “This news will be a disappointment to a lot of people who have supported this scheme. CR2 was a key part of our water resource plan to make sure we have enough water in the right place to securely supply our customers in the future. We cannot start it now as we had planned and will review our water resources plan in due course to work out the best way to meet future demand.”

A summary of the Final Determination is available to read online, see paragraphs 40-43 for the assessment of Cheddar Reservoir 2.

A key part of the planning process will be to consult fully with the community to help shape the plans before they are finalised.