Cheddar Reservoir Two
A new source of water for Somerset
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Cheddar reservoir

Plans for a New Reservoir in Cheddar

In order to meet the future need for water, we want to build a second reservoir locally, called Cheddar Reservoir Two.

Indicative aerial image of proposed new site to the south of existing reservoir

Having undertaken initial investigations, we designed a scheme and developed a planning application that was submitted to Sedgemoor District Council in December 2013.

We understand the importance of this scheme in relation to the local community and environment. From the start, we have been fully committed to working with local residents and key stakeholders to deliver the best possible scheme for the local area as set out in our ‘Vision Statement’. A key part of the planning process was an extensive consultation with the community that helped shape the plans before they were finalised.

The application has been submitted to Sedgemoor District Council. All the documents are available to view on the Council website: The application number is 17/13/0080.

Cheddar Reservoir Two Flythrough

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Latest News

Bristol Water seeks review of Ofwat Price Determination


Bristol Water has rejected Ofwat’s latest price determination and will be seeking a review by the Competition and Markets Authority (the CMA).


The Final Determination, published on 12 December 2014, sets the allowed levels of total expenditure and investment companies can make to improve and protect water supplies. It also set the price controls which apply to companies’ retail and wholesale activities and which determine the level of customers’ bills over the next five years.


Ofwat set the allowed level of total wholesale expenditure for Bristol Water at £409m and reduced the average household bill from £197 to £162 in the first year followed by four years of £152; this amounts to a 23% reduction (figures are based 2012/13 price base).


Bristol Water’s business plan for 2015 to 2020 had proposed wholesale expenditure of £541m and a reduction in average household bills of 4.5%, or £9 in real terms, to £188.


“The Final Determination makes it very difficult for us maintain our levels of service and make sufficient investment to deliver the enhancements needed to improve and protect the water supply that our customers told us they wanted, for now and in the future,” said Chief Executive Luis Garcia.


“Throughout this process we have engaged fully with Ofwat and we have consulted with our customers to ensure that their views and priorities have shaped our Business Plan. We are very confident that our proposals for 2015-2020, combining service improvements and price reductions, meet our customers’ requirements and expectations.


“We do not believe that the determination Ofwat has set is in the long term interest of our customers and stakeholders  and we believe that a review by the CMA will result in a better outcome. There is clearly a discrepancy in calculations because of the size of the gap and the CMA is the only fair way to resolve this,” he added.


The CMA, formed as a merger of the Competition Commission and the Office of Fair Trading, is an independent non-ministerial department with responsibility for appeals and promoting competition for the benefit of consumers. The CMA will appoint a panel of members to adjudicate this case. Bristol Water will then submit a statement of case to the panel which will be reviewed along with responses from Ofwat as well as statements from industry and regulatory stakeholders. The process is expected to last six months in accordance with the statutory timetable.



* The whole of our business plan, including the start of the construction for Cheddar Two will be considered by the CMA as part of the redetermination process.






A key part of the planning process will be to consult fully with the community to help shape the plans before they are finalised.